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We have assembled a set of questions and answers to address your early inquiries.
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1) Why working abroad;

Working in foreign institutions with an international reputation and prospects you can access a better working environment where you will have the opportunity to advance professionally and enjoy a better quality of life.


2) Why do international actors want to hire Greek professionals?

At the moment there is a great development in the sectors of health and education abroad leading the labor supply to exceed the respective demand. Therefore, all the actors we represent turn to the Greek market to fill in the respective positions, knowing that the Greeks professionals have not only the necessary university education but also the language and all the other skills needed in order to easy integrate in a new working environment and culture.


3) Do you also offer job opportunities in Greece?

Axia Personal exclusively represents entities interested in offering job opportunities abroad in Greek graduates and professionals. 4) When do I get informed about the final outcome of the selection? After the final interview with the representatives of our clients, the candidates get informed over the phone and via e-mail.


5) Is Axia Personal responsible for finding residence to the candidates selected by the employers?

Axia Personal is not responsible for finding residence to the selected candidates. However, we may occasionally help the candidates find a temporary accommodation (1-2 months) until they find a house that meets their needs and personal taste, always with the help of their employers or a broker.


6) Who undertakes the housing expenses?

In most of the cases the cost of housing is covered by the employee himself (first rent, guarantee and agency fee if required).


7) When do I officially sign a contract with the employer?

The employment contracts are provided to candidates for the information before their departure from Greece .However they are signed officially after their arrival at the workplace.


8) During my collaboration with Axia Personal, do I have any financial obligation towards the company?

The services of Axia Personal are free of charge during all the stages of our collaboration. Candidates only undertake the costs related to the preparation of their documents (translations, etc.). Moreover, Axia Personal has absolutely no involvement with employment contracts and receives no commission from your salary.


9) In which language do I have to send my CV?

All ads of Axia Personal indicate precisely the language required for the CV completion.


10) I do not know either English or German but I would like to work abroad. May I send my CV or contact with Axia Personal?

Definitely. The staff of Axia Personal will inform you for all the available positions existing in the sectors of the companies we represent, some of whom fund the foreign language training (especially for nursing and teaching staff). We can also direct you to one of the language schools we collaborate with in consultation with the employer (with pre-contract) in order to acquire within a short period (and at affordable prices) the minimum level of knowledge of the language required for the post.


11) What actors does Axia Personal cooperate with?

Currently we are cooperating with respected, mainly European, actors of the public and the private sector.


12) Will I need to travel abroad for my selection interview?

The interviews primarily take place in our offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. In the cases that the candidates are required to travel abroad for their selection interview, employers cover the cost of transport and accommodation.


13) How can I send my CV to Axia Personal?

You can simply do this by completing the CV template(you can download it from our webpage) and sending it to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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