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You have decided to work abroad.

The first and most important prerequisite for working abroad is the desire to join a different professional work environment and lifestyle.

In case you:

  • Have a professional training meeting the demands of the position offered.
  • You have a very good command of the English language (B2 level at least).
  • You have an- at least- basic knowledge of the German language (B1 level certificate needed –B2 level certificate is needed for medical professions ONLY)

Then you may contact us, in order to further inform you and prepare you for the relevant post, by sending us by e-mail your CV , copies of your academic certificates as well as any recommendation letters or seminar certificates.

By the time you get pre-selected you will need an official translation of your university degree and transcript as well as translated proof of any relevant working experience. This applies in particular to the positions regarding the sectors of health and education, as they are two of the few that require a license to practice a profession. The process of translating your documents is also the only one for which you undertake the cost. All the services provided by Axia Personal are free of charge in all the stages of our cooperation.

Thereafter, our company undertakes to fully prepare you, offering you the following services:

  • We help you demonstrate and promote your skills and talents.

  • We support you in your early necessary contacts with the public services (e.g for changes required in driving licenses, registration in the relevant municipality or community, transcription and selection of the water, electricity and telephone supply company.

  • We are near you before and during the selection process as well as after you begin with your new work.

Useful Information:


01 Attach a professional picture. There is no second opportunity to make a good first impression.

02 In every CV it is essential to mention the specific dates concerning your working experience as well as a brief description of the duties you had in your previous employment.

03 It is also recommended to refer to the most important seminars you have attended, mentioning the respective dates and places as well as the institutions that held the events.

04 We emphasize the fact that Axia Personal does not invite any candidates to Germany and does not promise any kind of employment. Any contracts relevant to employment are given to the candidates before their departure from Greece for their own information but are officially signed after their arrival to the location of their future employment.

05 Respected professional employers and human resources companies prepay or return to the candidates the travel costs concerning their first and possibly their second interview to be held either in Greece or abroad.




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